In Memory of SPC. Mabry James Anders

The SPC. Mabry James Anders Memorial Foundation was established to encourage the locals of Baker City, OR to pursue higher education. We do not want money to prevent you from achieving your academic goals. That is why our team hosts fundraising events and uses the proceeds to give scholarships.

Aside from that, we also aim to provide financial assistance to current and former members of the military who want to undergo aviation training. We do this because SPC. Mabry James Anders, their comrade, has inspired us. Mabry is a kind, loving, and generous man who dedicated his life to military service.

We understand that being part of the armed forces is a very difficult job. There are many commands to follow, and your actions and decisions may affect not only yourself but also the whole nation. We salute all our soldiers, and we aim to show our gratitude by helping them get trained and licensed in aviation.

Dedicated Nonprofit Organization

Our foundation is proud to be able to help students take their education to a higher level. We have started providing financial aid to those who are currently in the class of the school year 2022-2023, and we strive to continue offering scholarships to them.

Importance of Further Education

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your life is by finishing college as well as acquiring licenses and certifications. By educating yourself more, you will develop new skills, have more job opportunities, and boost your morale.

Mission Statement

We established the organization to do charitable work. Also, we aim to honor the life and legacy of SPC. Mabry James Anders by supporting the locals of his home community, Baker City, in pursuing their education further. To achieve this, our team offers scholarships to high school students in the region and assistance to people who currently serve or formerly served in the military. This way, they would be able to study in college and train for aviation licensure, respectively.


Be a Part of Change

Great things can happen when small deeds are brought together. Whether you are a high school student in your senior year, someone who has a military background, or a citizen who values education, you can make a difference.

Our team welcomes fellow philanthropists. To support our worthy cause, you may apply as a benefactor and contribute funds for our scholarship via PayPal. Also, if you are a senior student who is about to graduate from Baker High School and you need some financial assistance to pursue an academic degree, get in touch with us. To apply for a scholarship, here are some of our requirements:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Extracurricular Participation
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • An Essay About Why You Are Proud to Be an American
  • At Least Two Recommendation Letters From Your School Officials